Hate Your Job?Three Steps To Escape And Do What You Love

Starting your job is dream of everyone nowadays. But all that glitters is not gold. You desire to have an awesome start of job, healthy salary, attractive package, luxurious house, automatic car, free medical and much more. But, this may not happen in reality. When you start your job, obviously you will have to face many difficulties. Your boss may not be as frank as you think. Your colleagues may not be so helping as you desire, your pay may not be as good as you wish. If you will have to face such circumstances, obviously you will feel burnout and you will think of getting out of the scene.


How can you escape from your job if you feel burnout? You can resign obviously. This is our first tip. The place where you feel seriously uncomfortable is better to leave than to drag. So, always take a resignation letter in your pocket. Another important tip is to search for other jobs while continuing your current one. When you find a good job, you can leave the current one and obviously there will be no blame on you in this case. Think what you really are and then search for a job.

You should escape from your job now and try to start your own business and this will makes your life happy and you will get rid of the busy routine and your life will become beautiful.So try to do this and work for your own business not for others.It will make you really comfortable in life and will take you on top in life.

How to Start a Successful Career As a Freelance

start-a-freelance-careerAnother important topic to discus is How to Start a Successful Career As a Freelancer.There are many people around us who are earning great in life with freelancing and there life is really happy life.They are enjoying greatly in life.


Freelancing is to earn money by completing small projects without being associated with any organization. The difficulty in free lancing is that without being associated to any organization, you cannot find project orders. Obviously the project owners need some sort of guarantee that you are able to complete the project. If you are not associated with any company that is able to take your guarantee, obviously you will miss the chance of being employed. Freelancing is often adopted by individuals who need some flexible routine, who cannot stick to some proper timetable. Such individuals may also not like to work under other people.

There should be some proper planning to start your career as a freelancer. There are many risks associated with freelancing. So you should plan your career as a freelancer. The first thing that should be kept in mind is that you are not being hired by any organization. So you will have to sell yourself. You can face the difficulties and you can have to work for free few days. This is not the place where you will assure of getting money even from start. Try to keep your demands according to your abilities. Don’t go so high that others will not hire you.