Why We Are Selfish?

There are many things in our life which are important for us. We have great things in lfie,we have loving family, they always care for us, they think for us and we have smiling child’s and we have loving parents and many other relationships in our life. We are blessed with house and blessed with job or business but way we are too much busy in our life and ignoring the people who are not too much ri h and why we have not too much respect for the people who have not to eat, why we are so selfish that we only think for yourself and forget all the people around us.

It’s time to change our mind, we are the one and you are the one who have to start the change and have to help the others, you should help others so that they can enjoy the bad part of their life greatly. There exists many people around us in the world who have nothing to eat but we are still eating or spending great amount of money on the things which are very useless. Why we are not able to give them few amount of money so that they can also enjoy some of the parts and some of the days of life.Selfish

So you have to change in your life. You should make you habit that once in a day you will help the poor person who exists around you. You can give them money or help them in gaining some job or help them in eating and there are many other ways to help the people who are sad in life. You can sit with them and can spend some of the time of your life with them. It will give them great courage in life. It will also make you happy in life and you can win the hearts of others in this way